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Transmission / Drivetrain

DSG offers complete transmission service for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Ford and others upon request. Whether it is a basic clutch job, transmission swap, rebuild, installing a close ratio syncro or a dog engagement gearset for competition, DSG can fulfill all your transmission needs.

We take pride in our ability to provide very professional, thorough rebuilds in both a timely manor and for a competitive price. All transmissions are clearanced to factory specifications or competition specifications. Listed below are prices for our most common rebuilds1. Please call us if your transmission is not included below.

G-Force Dogbox for Nissan

Ralliart Group A Evo Helical Dogbox


(this does not include parts or removal of transmission from car or re installation)


Mitsubishi 5 Speed including Lancer Evo I-IX
Lancer Evo 6 Speed


5 Speed
6 Speed


RX7 FC, FD and Miata 5 Speed

Clutch Installations

**Based on  stock cars with no corrosion. Differential guards, aftermarket splash guards, exhausts (external wastegates) coolers and other parts will add time to the below costs.  As the WRX and Evo get older, axles get stuck in hubs, bolts break and parts become harder to remove. **


5 Speed
6 Speed


Lancer Evo 5 Speed & DSM – $650

Lancer Evo 5 Speed w/ ACD – $700

Lancer Evo 6 Speed w/ ACD -$700

Lancer Evolution X- $800


Civic EP3/RSX K20A – $700

Civic / Integra / Accord (non K20) – $450

S2000 – $650


350Z / Infiniti G35 – $500
240SX -$500


RX7 FC, FD, RX8 and Miata 5 Speed

  • 1 Prices do not include hardware (Labor only).