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Installs / Performance Upgrades

We’ve been around now for longer than any of our direct competitors that do installs. Going into our 9th year we have grown with our customers, gaining mechanical experience and management know-how. DSG is equipped to handle installations from normal periodic maintenance on your sports car to complicated engine swaps.

While we seem to do a lot of work with Subaru and Mitsubishi, it’s apparent that DSG has experience with many marques, from simple service, bolt-on performance to complete engine and drive train swaps. We are a trusted partner, obsessed with details and finishing the job “right”. Many small things that DSG adds to a project will go unnoticed but the reliability will not. Check out our past projects!

Typical work we see

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance that you don’t want the dealer to do. (Using all OEM parts)
  • Clutch replacements: WRX, STI, EVO, etc
  • Subaru wheel bearings replacement
  • Brake bleeding and brake pad replacement (Especially for the auto-x/track guys)
  • Evolution timing belts and camshaft installation (Done right with lifter bleeding)
  • Aftermarket exhaust systems (downpipes, cat-backs, etc)
  • Aftermarket suspension installs (Swaybars, coilovers, etc)
  • Electronics such as boost controllers and air fuel converters.

Labor Rates effective 4/29/11


  • Note 1: We charge a minimum of 1 hour for diagnostic work.
  • Note 2: Including all wiring, extra for FMIC install with customer supplied parts