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Large Builds / Complete Projects

Our favorite subject, large car build projects!

We’re building our business to meet the needs of customers who want to build a car that matches their needs. We’ll work together with you to create whatever it is you are trying to build, whether its just to create a car that fits your personality, a high-performance street car, a weekend track car, or a nationally competitive champion race car.

Literally every ingredient of a project like this has been considered by us either in musing over potential builds or finding new suppliers for hardware, wiring and engine parts. As you will see in our parts section, we only partner with the highest quality manufactures such as HKS and Cosworth to supply us for engines. We manufacture with patience and care. We hope to intrigue our customers with ideas on this page with a presentation of what amounts to architectural plans for cars we’d like to build.

Check our past projects section for projects both big and small.