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In-house projects for customers from racing and rally to custom street cars. Take some time to look through the gallery. DSG has a wide breadth of experience gained from working on all types of cars.

Ramana SP Rally Car reprep 2012

Conducting a full teardown of the Super Production STI which captured many Rally-America wins in both 2011 and 2012. Few people know that this car used to be Ken Block's "Trax" car and was outfitted with tank tracks in a prior life. Scot is overseeing rebuild duties.

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E36 M3 Race Car/ Drenth/Motec

Revamping a proven race machine with a completely new wiring harness, Dry sump, Motec PDM, Carbon dashboard and more. The old harness has been modified and adjoined so many times that a new harness needs to be constructed to make this machine reliable once again.

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Evolution VIII Hillclimber- Kih

Kihurani brought us his Evo VIII for a Rally America Super Production class build. A year later the project took a new direction as he chose to become more competitive in the PA Hillclimb Championship. In 2010 the car was stripped and a full cage was fabricated. In SP Class, only the engine management and exhaust can be modified. A 34mm restrictor has to be installed which requires machining of the compressor housing. A Vipec V44 ECU was installed and Bill fabricated a Group A type exhaust with double slip fit connections, a 100 cell catylist and a small resonator. This year we're starting a new stage of development, no longer restricted by Rally America Production class rules we're upgrading the turbocharger to a Garrett GT3076/ Tial Housing, tubular manifold, custom downpipe, AMS moustache bar eliminator, removing EVAP system, Ralliart bushing kit installation, Bosch ID 1000cc injectors and remapping. We'll be adding all power-supporting parts to the build along with an intercooler and pipe kit from AMS.

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Chris P Subaru Engine build

Building a new motor for Chris' STI street car. Full Specification for DSG related work- Pauter Rods/CP pistons, new 2.5 block Blouch Dom III Turbo Tomei 252 degree Poncams 850cc Side feed injectors Aquamist HFSIII Meth injection ARP head studs Killer B oil pickup ACL race bearings DW300 fuel pump Perrin Fuel Rails Aluminum radiator Perrin crank pulley ACT Clutch

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993tt Engine

Removing and rebuilding the engine on this 993 TT for the sake of upgrading to stronger internals. The engine block will remain untouched. New twin plug heads, evo cams and JE pistons will be installed prior to retuning for more boost and more power.

75 Photos

Dan C Darton Subaru motor

DSG is building a new motor for NASA and COM racer Dan C. This is his second race motor from DSG and we're taking this one to the limit! We're starting out with a Darton Sleeved EJ25 block, ACL racing bearings coated by Calico, Tomei Rods, Cosworth pistons and Cosworth 272 Cams. Full Specification to come.

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Joe and Tony's BMW 2002 - sr20 swap

BMW 2002 Custom. SR20det S13 engine, Mitsubishi Evolution X turbocharger, custom exhaust manifold, cooling package, subframe, steering system, electronics and Vipec ECU. about 2000 lbs and just under 300whp on low boost.

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Rebuilding Ron's RA SPEC Evo 1 after a big crash at Philo Hillclimb last year. In this gallery we see a teardown of the damaged shell and preparation of the new shell. The next stop is for media blasting and repaint.

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Building a big spec street car for Charbel. The shell is the cleanest E30 we've seen. He and his father painted the car together, engine bay and wheel wells. It looks new. Charbel installed an EvoIII rear spoiler at the same time. We will be finishing the VAC 2.5 liter motor with Titanium retainers and stiffer valve springs. Other parts involved in the build are Motec M4, fully enabled, ATL spare wheel fuel cell, dual disk clutch and light flywheel from VAC, Fikse wheels, Tilton Hydro TOB, aluminum radiator, Mocal Oil cooler, big brakes and more. This gallery will be updated once the build is underway.

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MGC GT Sebring Replica circuit race car powered by a Toyota 1JZ

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Phill's Evolution VIII hillclimber. Rebuilding cylinder head, transmission and installing Vipec PNP computer, GT3076R turbo, roll cage, race seats and associated safety gear.

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Emre 2.3-16 Mercedes Track Car

Mercedes' venerable " Cosworth" 2.3-16 190e. This is the limited production W201 Chassis Mercedes built for the purpose of rallying initially by Mercedes, then used for touring car racing. Cosworth was hired to design the cylinder head and pistons for this 16 valve motor. At DSG we gave this Cossie new life by installing new custom Ground Control Suspension, a roll cage, rear differential rebuild for higher lockup, shifter mechanism rebuild, racing seats and other safety items.

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Jeremy Dietzel Evolution VIII Hillclimber

DSG is hired to construct a hillclimb spec roll cage for this PA competitor. The cage is legal for Mt Washington hillclimb and events in PA and New England

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BTM-Sport Evolution Open Class

Preparing and changing this Group N Evolution for open class competition in 2011.

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Burak's SP Class Subaru driven by Ramana Lagemann to 3 wins out of 4 events. The car is serviced and prepared by DSG.

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Alex Dodge Raider

Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero/Dodge Raider... whatever you call it don't call it slow. This Raider packs a 1jzgte effectively quadrupling the power of the original G54b motor.

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EJ25 Track Motor Build/Dan

Building a track day motor for Dan's bugeye Wagon. We will be using an Axis block with Tomei Arms turbocharger, new fuel rails, MAF pipe, injectors, TGV delete and some head work.

16 Photos

Mad Intern

Nates 600+ WHP 2.2L stroked 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX.

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3" quick release exhaust for 34mm restrictor/SP or Open Class Impreza with FIA/WRC Cat and small muffler.

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Matts Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)

Matts Skyline
Invidia 80mm Catback
R34 N1 Turbos Replacing bushings, front bumper, dyno test and suspension installation.

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Eric S Sti

Rebuilding Eric's 2004 STI with a new shortblock and some other small modifications after a spun rod bearing. CP pistons, new 2.5 liter block Silicone turbo inlet pipe Deatchworks 750cc injectors Cold-air intake pipe and large MAF housing Walbro 255 fuel pump

6 Photos


Jackson Auto Machine 2.0 build with HKS GTII 7460R turbocharger, cams, twin plate clutch, tuned by Matt Koestner.

16 Photos


Built 2.5 Liter S14 powered E30 M3 3.0" exhaust featuring swain coated Group A header, 2-1 collector/velocity tube, slip fit connections with low profile/oval under subframe section, burns muffler and factory looking outlet.

7 Photos

Peter 964 Cam Seal replacement+Oil Lines

Replacing a leaky cam seal at the power steering pump on this track driven 964. DSG was also hired to replace the oil cooler lines and hoses earlier last year.

11 Photos

Titanium Evo X Exhaust

Downpipe back titanium exhaust including hand made muffler. Total weight is 8 lbs.

14 Photos

Tony/S2000/KPro/Custom Exhaust

To tune this S2000 Nick installed one of the first KPro S2K conversions using RSX sensors. Bill fabricated a new exhaust using a J's Racing muffler and we installed headers. The car made 211whp on our Dyno after Matt tuned it.

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Nick's E30 is powered by a very built M20 with lots of nice parts from Sweden. VEMS management will be running the new setup with a Precision Billet turbo. The car previously made over 450whp with stock rods.

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Cosworth 2007 Subaru STI

Building a Cosworth STI engine for a 2007. This engine really has it all. Cosworth shortblock, Cosworth heads with oversized valves, TI retainers and upgraded valvesprings, Cosworth headgaskets, cosworth Timing belt guide, Moroso oil pan, Cosworth pan baffle, Cosworth oil pump, Gates Kevlar timing belt, FP turbo.

30 Photos

Jasons Evolution VIII

Voltex wide body kit with carbon fiber bits.

27 Photos

K24 Civic EG

Robert brought us his pristine Civic hatchback to make it go around Lime Rock Park faster. We took some steps in the right direction. On the first visit to the shop the car had an engine prepared by another company. We have since removed that D Series motor and we're installing a K 24 with no turbo this time. The k series motor will make more power with no turbo than the D series did with a GT30. The K series is a collaboration between the best Honda builders in the country. We are working with Benson's, Laskey, Endyn and Hi-Tech. Benson's did the sleeving. Laskey built the short block. Endyn is completing the cylidner head with a custom set of cams and a matched header by Hi-Tech. It does not get ANY better than this for Honda. DSG is completing final long block assembly in house and conducting tuning on it's dyno under Matt Koestner.

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Russ Fleming's drift machine.

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Subaru Rally car preparation for 2010- repairing crash damage, and re-prepping car for this coming season. The car will be completely cleaned and revitalized over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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Russ Nissan 240SX

Nissan 240SX GT30 engine build and tune using Power FC.

4 Photos


We fabricated a manifold, exhaust for the Lotary, and installed a GT3071R, Tial 44 and PowerFC.
Tuning will commence soon.

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Daily Driven hillclimb car

19 Photos

Whit Mazda RX-7

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VW R32

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Porsche 930

12 Photos

Porsche 993 TT

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Nissan 350z

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Mini Clubman

31 Photos

Adam HH - Mini B16

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BMW M3 - Amuse Exhaust

DSG hired to install perhaps the most esoteric exhaust made for the M3

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Larry AE86

AE86 Rally Car

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Kippys SCCA T2 racecar

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Jason EVO MR

6 Photos

BMW E30 M3

Servicing suspension and engine oil leaks on this silver BMW M3

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Jason Mazda 323

Bill builds a rally-inspired light bar for this street-going 323 gtx

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Lexus IS300 GTE

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Porsche GT2

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Grand National

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Galant VR4 DD

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Eric Evo 9

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engine - mark wrx

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high power 4AGE with Weber Carbs

AE86 Rally car

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bill subaru rally

Rally Car we starting building about 2.5 years ago. It's back now for re-prep before it's first outing. This is the first rally car we did start-to-finish. It will be a great car for the new "Open Light" class starting next year.

41 Photos

Dave Turbo 350z

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Chris Mazda RX7 FC

DSG was hired to install some serious hardware on this FC. We installed and tuned a Haltech stand-alone ecu, new intercooler, big turbo, radiator, injectors, new Enkei Wheels, gauges, Nardi Steering wheel and more. This was one of the best FC's we've seen.

19 Photos

Impreza GC8 Version 3 swap

We install a Version 3 STI engine in Chow's GC8. He also bought seats and some nice interior parts for the car. DSG removed the dash and constructed the harness properly

5 Photos

Brosnan Galant VR-4

Performing updates to Dan's Galant Vr-4 GR-A

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BMW e30 325is track car

We installed an original long tube Hartge Header, Lee's Massive front brake kit, Recaro SRD seats and an oil cooler kit.

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4G63 Powered BMW E30

Adding this to the album for nostalgia. This car was built in my driveway in Newton MA. It spawned a new confidence in what could be achieved on a low budget and taught us a lot about cars, in more ways than one. The bimmubishi was built with basic tools and a 135 amp mig welder.. nothing special. It was a decent early attempt that sub came to constant gearbox problems (no one made transmission adapters back when I built this car) I am of the belief that it's the very first 4g63 powered BMW in the world.

It held it's own but proved far too unreliable for a race car of any stature. It was retired and the shell was reused for phase II, the SR20det motor which worked much better but was only a small step up in the large scheme of things.

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