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Customer Testimonials

Ramana Lagemann- Professional driver,  Rally America and Rallycross competitor

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the guys from DSG since its inception, and we’ve worked together from 2006 onwards in the Rally-America Championships and X Games, taking multiple wins in class and outright. From expert engine tuning and chassis setup to meticulous mechanical and fabrication skills, providing a quality product is a direct result of their tireless work ethic. Practicing for the 2007 X Games, I literally launched a rally car off a 70 foot gap jump and pile drove it into the ground. I was sure the car was done, but they were able to resuscitate its crumpled carcass and we were out testing a day later. On countless occasions I’ve directly benefited from their expertise, and I’ve witnessed how they deal with a multitude of other customers and projects. Aside from their considerable knowledge and skill, it is an unwavering dedication to integrity that defines Dent Sport Garage. Whether it is a simple suspension swap or a full race build, you can be sure that your project will receive the highest level of consideration, quality and integrity. Cars: 1998 Ford Escort Cosworth Gp. A, 2003 Mitsubishi Evo 7 Open Class , 2007 Subaru WRX STi Super Production, 2011 Subaru WRX STi Super Production

Volkan Isik / Lassa Rally Team-multiple time National Rally Champion, WRC competitor

Our participation in International Rally New York in September 2010 for tire testing purposes wouldn’t have been possible, if it wasn’t for Dent Sport Garage’s technical and logistical prowess. They have prepared and run our hired rally car on short notice, provided us with  testing/tuning/shakedown in a remote location prior to the event, and serviced our team during the event. Furthermore, we were delighted by their warm welcome, their ability to overcome some mechanical problems in record time, and their passion for rallying. Thank you Dent Sport Garage.

Burak Tuglu-Rally America competitor, owner

I met Alex and Bill at a track day in PA sometime ago. Their passion for racing and technical knowledge helped me with my rallying when we did our first rally event in 2008 with DSG providing rally car prep and event service. Since that day, they have been taking care of my cars (Ford Focus, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer) whether I’m rallying them or having some high-caliber drivers rally them for me, while I can concentrate on my business affairs. DSG has been a great racing solution for me, always lead me to the best possible scenario with the least financial burden. My experience proves they can handle and job, and project, anytime.

Eric VoegeleSubaru 2008  STI  street car, daily driver

I went to DSG with my 08 STi and couldn’t have been happier with my experience. When it comes to modifying cars I was an über-noob. But when I got past my 1000 mile break in I was Jedi enough to know that I needed to do something about that weak-ass factory tune. I did some research on NASIOC and iWSTi and found myself at DSG with a lot of questions. I got zero attitude and very straight advice. Short throw shifter, TBE and a tune was all I needed. It’s really that simple. Just ask and you shall receive. No regrets and no issues with my warranty. I now live in Southern California where I’ve found a perfectly competent shop to help with my dirty 91 octane tunes. But, I still miss the very professional and welcoming group of guys at DSG.

Anthony Perry- Evolution X  New England Hillclimber, Redline Time Attack Competitor and 2011 Climb to the Clouds Entrant

DSG has done pretty much everything for my Evolution X from track prep to standard maintenance. They took my daily street driven car and made something I can drive everyday and race on the weekends. I drive to the track or the hill, race, and then drive home. They were able to build my car exactly the way I wanted it… an extremely competitive weekend warrior!

Kihurani Gaaku-Evolution VIII  Pennsylvania  Hillclimb and Rally America Competitor

I have to say that what impressed me the most was the roll cage construction…very well done. A lot of enthusiasts and other racers at hill climbs were impressed by the workmanship. Of course I can’t leave out the exhaust system, which is a work of art in itself. As for the power the car definitely feels more powerful even with a 34mm restrictor..I’m surprised just how strongly the car pulls, even as low as 1500 RPM in 5th gear. I do an occasional hill climb, and I intend to do some rallies when the car is fully prepared for that, and also as time permits. The car is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. At the present time, it is not affiliated with any team…this is a personal effort.

Kevin Rhoads- 2004 Subaru STI Hillclimber (driven to events)

After discovering Dent Sport Garage, it did not take me long to gain confidence and trust in their work.I knew I had found the right shop from day one. I cannot speak enough about how professional and well run the shop is.  Their passion really shines through on each and every job. Dent Sport Garage introduced me to racing and have supported me from day one.  They built my current race car, a 2004 Subaru WRX STI which I use primarily to race the New England Hill Climb Series.  I plan to run the entire series this season along with a few PA hillclimbs and possibly some COM events. I feel nothing but confident with the support of Dent Sport Garage. -Kevin Rhoads #065

Justin Webster- 2007 WRX street car

Shortly after buying my 2007 WRX I made the trip down to DSG for some parts installs and tuning. I heard about the shop through some friends.Alex and everyone at the shop took great care of me during my visit. They took time to show me around the shop, and answered all my questions. I knew after that first visit that I would be returning here several more times. Over the years I have gotten tuned, had parts installed, and electrical gremlins troubleshot. Each and every time the staff at DSG went above and beyond. My experience at DSG has gone from being a normal customer getting simple bolt on parts installed to what I would call a friend of the shop. I find myself going down to hang out at the shop and see what new projects they are working on more than I do to get my car worked on. The friendly atmosphere and willingness to answer any and all questions by the staff is one of the best aspects of DSG.

Pierre Julliard- 2005 Lancer Evolution VIII

The first time I met Alex and the boys at Dentsport I towed my Evo in on a flat bed with the sub frame disconnected, a blown up gear box, some serious engine issues, and a box a bolts in the the trunk and said “please help.” Alex, Bill, and Nick treated my car as if it were their own and brought her back to life. They kept me up to date on everything that they were doing to my Evo, fixed everything in a timely manner, and kept it with in my budget. I had my Evo serviced at several different shops in the area before going to DSG and the result was always disastrous. I am very pleased with Dentsports work, friendliness, and over all professionalism and that is why I have been a customer for over 5 years now. Plus they introduced me into the wonderful world of hill climb racing!

Brian Mardirosian - 2005  Subaru Legacy GT Wagon

I first came to DSG to expand the performance envelope of my 2005 Legacy GT wagon.  Didn’t want a track car that happened to be a daily
driver; wanted a daily driver that happened to be fun at the track. Unlike many sources both online and in person, Dentsport didn’t automatically go to the hard core performance options.  They listened to what I wanted and how I planned to use the car and even suggested cheaper options where appropriate. Good prices, good customer service, great work!

I came to DSG to turn my 2005 Legacy GT wagon into a Q-car.  Driving my great-aunt to Sunday dinner without her being the wiser was on the
list. Same goes for when I drive on a beach to meet up with a bunch kayakers for a day on the water.  DSG listened to what I wanted and we
came up with a parts list that worked for my needs.   They even let me ship parts to the shop.  Their knowledge of the Subaru platform,
approachable attitude when it comes to questions, and sheer mechanical ability makes DSG top on my list for car work I wanted a RS4 Avant but couldn’t afford one.  So I turned to DSG to turn my 2005 Legacy GT wagon into an approximation of one, at least in the performance realm.