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About Us

After almost ten years in business Dent Sport Garage has closed it’s doors as of January 31 , 2012. We’d like to thank our customers for a great ride.

Who we are

Bill Washburn: Co-owner

Bill Washburn

Bill Washburn

Fabricator, Engineer, Mechanic and Nissan Specialist.
My passion for motorsport seems like a disease sometimes. My father got me going at a young age, the Lime Rock Vintage Festival being a yearly ritual from the age of five. I grew a liking to 70’s and 80’s Porsche race cars and their dominance once the use of turbocharging was commonplace in motorsport.

Once I got my drivers license, I attended my first rally with a good friend and we were hooked. I learned of the in’s and out’s of Rallying, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Watching the sport was incredible and after spectating at a WRC event, I knew I had to pursue a career associated with motorsports. I got involved; first working at events, then co-driving for a few years, photographing the US Championship and eventually crewing for teams. After I graduated from school, I worked as a mechanic for a shop in Boston as well as for a Mazda team competing in the Speed Channel Touring Car series (a support series for the American LeMans Series). I enjoy fabricating and wrenching more than anything and look forward to future projects.

: Co-owner

Alex Grabau

Alex Grabau

Engineer, Mechanic, Mitsubishi Specialist.
Hi everyone, I’ll write this in the first person. I hope that we can provide our customers with an ever increasing amount of skill and care. During my professional life I’ve worked a myriad of jobs, from a stone mason to a CAD designer. Finally Bill and I are here, doing what we’ve wanted to do for years. My involvement with motorsport started years ago with the BMW CCA. Since then I’ve been more involved in racing and service. While in college I worked at a European car service shop in Needham and learned the basics of the industry.

I now compete in the New England Hillclimb Championships, as well as doing some ice racing, rally cross, time trialling, motorcycle track and autocross events throughout the year. I hold a COM Sports Car Club competitor’s License, racing under the Dent Sport and Zero Stage Monster name and I hold a motorcycle racing license. We’re intent on expansion during this coming year and we hope to provide our customers with ever-increasing technology and resources.

: Technician/Electrical specialist

Nick Grabau

Nick Grabau

Mechanic, Technician, Honda specialist.
Nick is a graduate with top honors from UTI’s Arizona campus. He joins us from Honda where he worked as a service writer. Nick is very excited to apply actual professional knowledge to our service scheduling, parts ordering and general customer service inquiries. Nick might just be the person who you talk to next on the phone.

Nick is a COM Sports Car club member and active member of Mitsubishi, Subaru and Honda communities, an Administrator on a popular Honda forum.

: Technician/On site Team Mechanic

ScotI’ll write this in first person also, I met the guys from Dentsport 5 years ago while they were still in the old shop. I was introduced to them by Quy, who worked here from the beginning. The second I walked through the door that had a turbo for a door handle, I knew I wanted to work with these guys. I started wrenching on my own cars a few years ago and started my stable of Hond-Acuras, with swaps in each 3 hatchbacks and 2 Integras over 6 years, I knew I wasn’t going down the normal repair route as a mechanic.

I started my career doing tyres, oil changes and other simple mechanical jobs at a well respected repair shop. During this time I was helping a friend in his garage get ready for club racing and, an effort in the SCCA’s Pro Racing f2000 Championship series. What started in a garage turned into a 3 car team with a rig an all the gear. I found myself working with one of the top chassis engineers in North America, and also one of the best Data engineers, who is also a very well rounded racecar engineer, driver and coach. Both have been making racecars go faster for over 30 years! So I returned from a race and Alex asked me to come work with DSG. (I said yes.)

My focus is a perfect alignment an well balanced suspension setup, I much prefer working on pure racecars, but there is definetly something to be said for a fast tub car that is prepped correctly. Working with the best in the business, has tought me that I can make cars handle very well and be succesful on and off track, quick decision making on setups that work in changing race conditions, I learn everyday at the shop because of the wide array of marques we prepare for race and rally, and the balance in background between Bill, Al, Nick, Matt and I is perfect.

: Engine Tuner/EFI specialist

Matt Koestner

Matt Koestner

Engineer, Technician
I’m what you would call a bit of an electronics geek. My goal is to provide the very highest level of service to the customer while working on groundbreaking new technologies and applying them to high performance street and racing automobiles. With a background in electrical engineering and nearly 10 years of experience with electronic fuel injection systems I feel that I am positioned to accomplish those goals.

I have been involved in circuit racing since I was 10 years old helping my father with his SCCA Mazda RX-3. Wheel cleaning and window washing turned into oil changes and brake bleeding, eventually into learning about learning about carburetor tuning and fuel injection systems. From there, I realized I loved cars, the smell of race gas, and aural sensation of high-strung race motors screaming at 11,000 RPMs. I decided to make this a career and here I am. I’m proud to be part of the DSG team and look forward to all of our future challenges. I am a member of the BMW CCA, SCCA, CARS, and NASA and compete in local time trials, autocross, road rally, and ice racing events throughout the year and I look forward to seeing our customers on the track.

Ron Adams: Web

Ron Adams

Software Developer, Subaru Enthusiast.
I started ski racing and cycling at a young age, and have since had a passion for speed. My first vehicle was a GC8 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS that I had dreams of building into a WRX race car before they arrived stateside. I originally came to DSG as a customer to help install Brembo brakes onto my new WRX (the 2.5RS was destroyed), they have since helped me realize my dream of building a WRX race car.

Ron is a graduate of Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and minor in Japanese. He can be found at the track driving the RASpec Impreza with the COM Sport Car Club, BMW-CCA, SCCA or with the Redline Time Attack series. He also loves his fixed-gear Fuji track bicycle and riding motorcycles.


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