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Winter update

Winter update

Yes, it’s been a while since we last posted. Winter is a transitional time for the shop. Many customers put their projects on hold, their cars away or into a boring wardrobe of steel wheels and salty dress, waiting for the auspices of spring to welcome racing and meets. Things should be warm and fun again soon and despite the record cold weather we encourage everyone to plan ahead with their projects. March and April aren’t the time to bring us a project. Now is the time.

This winter has been a little bit different for us because we’ve been very lucky to prepare a couple of top rally cars for the 2011 season for Team Rally-Tire. Rally-Tire is the sole US distributor for Turkish Lassa-brand tires. Lassa moulds top quality gravel and tarmac tires for rally competition. Rally-Tire also is a recommended US distributor for Sabelt Products. Sabelt clothing keeps our team warm when crewing and protected while racing our own cars with driving suits and seats.

We encourage our customers to support the people who support us. Check them out at

Back to the rally cars, the team runs two cars. One is an Open-Class Mitsubishi Evolution and the other is a Super Production class Subaru STI that the team ran with Ramana Lagemann winning 3 of 4 events entered in 2010. This year we’re really happy to be doing it again with both Ramana and ex-Mitsubishi factory pilot Lauchlin O’Sullivan. Lauchlin will be starting his season next week in the Subaru, shod with blocky and narrow rally snow tires to roll over frozen terrain in Michigan’s lower peninsula at Sno-Drift Rally.  The Evo isn’t quite ready for the team, or vice-versa so in the interest of being organized and professional the car will stay inside just a bit longer.

Some of the work we’ve been doing on the Evo has been a bit more secretive in the interest of being competitive but we are at liberty to say that it now has a 2.3 liter motor and a larger turbocharger thanks to our friends at Tomei for their developmental partnership and good deal on the test units.  The gearbox was also upgraded from the standard Group-N fare to a Drenth dog engagement set with close(r) ratios. The car will be running a fresh set of the latest Ohlins (TPX/TTX) 3-Way dampers and the Motec ECU will be tuned by Matt here at the shop (this coming week)

This year, the Subaru, lovingly named Smokey, has undergone a more thoughtful engine programme within the rules defined by Rally-Car.  This is perhaps the most exciting and relevant project for our Subaru customers because we are competing with the exact same equipment used by the majority of our customers. Our mechanical and tuning processes are constantly being tested, revised and reimplemented with a frequency and level beyond any of our shop’s competition. The car makes an incredible amount of torque with the stock turbocharger and engine.  This year we will be able to monitor the engine longevity in comparison to last year and pass these techniques onto our customers.  Smokey also got new under body protection, brake caliper rebuilds on the AP brakes, 6MT rebuild and full check over top to bottom.

We’ve been blogging more on Facebook (Dent Sport Garage) and picking up a couple-hundred more followers since the holidays. We like hearing from our customers and also seeing photos of their cars in action so keep them coming.  We are trying to make Facebook a source of timely updates in an amended format and doing our best to not detract from this, our main vein of communication.

Other Projects

We’ve been working away on a few other long term projects.  A Honda Civic K series swap that’s still underway with the most advanced and well planned NA (naturally aspirated) engine we’ve done. The cylinder head will be back soon from a famous West-Coast Honda cylinder head shop with custom cams and custom headers designed to match the head work and cam selection. We think that the car will be assembled later this month.

Tuning and installs on the new GR Chassis Subarus has increased lately with turbo upgrades and tunes; a lot more than last year. Last week we did a big install project with an ATP GT30 bolt-on turbo, TVG deletes, APS inlet and some other goodies. We’re also installing a roll cage in an Evolution VIII from PA that is a top hillclimber in the PA series. Photos to come soon.

Bill and Alex leave for Michigan this week. Nick Matt and Ben will be keeping normal shop hours.

Our Service truck for Michigan, enough power to pull a house.

Climb to the Clouds Meeting

We’d like to encourage everyone reading this to come to the shop on Saturday, Feb 5th at 2pm where Paul Giblin will make a presentation on the revival of Climb To The Clouds, aka Mt. Washington Hillclimb which will take place in 2011. Paul is looking for people who are interested in watching. volunteering and competing. There will be an informational sesson and an open-house afterward. Please RSVP SOON to

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